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And thank you for choosing our company as your source of pet sanitation products. We specialize in providing oxo-biodegradable doggy waste bags for the environmentally conscious dog owner. Our best-selling dog poop disposal bags are an investment not just in your dog, but in your peace of mind. You can shop PetOutSide.com knowing that you are buying quality products that support your commitment to a Green lifestyle.

We sell really unique dog waste bags, because we used the oxy-biodegradable technology which allowed us to make the bags pretty thin which is good for the speed of degradation, and, in the same time, they are pretty tough and can hold up to 18 pounds without tearing.

Our years of experience, vast knowledge of the dog industry and stock of quality products have helped us to become one of the largest specialty retailers in America. Our website is being ranked on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) because our customers keep coming back for more. PetOutSide.com is comprised of pet lovers committed to providing our customers with a wide variety of affordable, environmentally friendly products, including our top-selling biodegradable dog waste bags.

PetOutSide.com is now expanding and it will offer more pet products as well. We are not limited only to waste bags.

We recognize your decision to shop with us was a choice and we value your patronage.  Our goal is to ensure that you receive exceptional products with attentive customer service at a terrific price.

We always remember that we are growing with your help. Thank you!!!
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